Where to find Athens best hammam spot!

Where to find Athens best hammam spot!

Al Hammam |16 Tripodon Str. & 10 Ragava Str. Plaka, Athens

By Katerina Rigou, Photo Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Traditional Hammam

Just 9 months ago, Al Hammam “travelled” from Chania, Crete –where

it already counts several years in operation– to Plaka, Athens. And it is a

must-live experience!

A five star care and services in the neighborhoodof Plaka with exceptional customer reviews and a second store in the old city of Chania. A space that no other can compete. It looks more like a sacred temple of a far away and completely unknown religion, lost in the midst of time and the East, rather than just a Turkish bath in the city center of Athens. The Al Hammam remains unsurpassable due to the extended list of services offered, the capacity of the staff, the unique hospitality and professionalism they provide. Their professionalism is also visible in their website where the guests can find out all about the services, download the full catalogue of them and make a reservation for the treatment they are interested in, even order a gift card which will be instantly sent electronically.

Best Sellers

The Soultana Hammam (consisting of a 30-minute hammam bath, a 15-minute exfoliation, a 30-minute massage with olive oil soap foam and shampooing) as well as the Moroccan Hammam (consisting of a 20-minute hammam bath, ointments with black soap and exfoliation, a 20-minute clay body mask and shampooing).


Single or couples out door terrace Acropolis view massage.

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