Katamaya sweet & savory

Katamaya sweet & savory

With a name inspired by a tool used in wood ovens, Katamaya sweet & savory began its successful journey from Gerakas and recently opened a modern space in Psychiko, in the neighborhood of Faros.

Its special philosophy, as revealed by the owners Christos and Irene, is based solely on pure ingredients, quality raw materials and authentic handmade flavors!

The day begins early with exquisite Brazilian single source coffee, freshly baked puff pastries and handmade cereal bars. Every time you visit it for fluffy bread – there is a wide range of special recipes of slow maturation - you cannot resist crisp breadsticks or home cookies.

Sweet lovers come and succumb without second thoughts to a delicious low-fat no-sugar sweet. One of its assets is the fancy cakes made on request! Tip: In summertime try their own production ice cream! Daily 6: 00-22: 30

Katamaya sweet & savory

In addition to fresh bakery products, the brand-new Katamaya in Psychiko also places special emphasis on pastry!

From classic recipes and traditional sweets to more modern versions, everything is made in their workshop in Gerakas with quality ingredients and a healthy orientation achieved by the absence of fat, sugar and artificial additives.

Specialties are the galatopita (phyllo-wrapped dessert with pudding) and the Greek style orange pie, while among the top preferences are the tiramisu and the tarts! Daily 6: 00-22: 30

20, Dim. Vassiliou, Psychiko, T. 2106711115 & Marathonos ave., Gerakas, T. 210 6615303, www.