Athens most amazing patisseries

Athens most amazing patisseries

B Madame

12 Valaoritou Str., Kolonaki, Athens, Τ. 210 3390022

With “Fresh fine flavors” as its motto, the B Madame (a concept by B Group) presented to us since last November a new age pastry shop, a beautiful addition to the urban Valaoritou walkway, next to Voukourestiou street. It might be its pale colors and vintage elements that intrigue from the first moment, but the shop window is its most remarkable spot since all the sweets pose within it. With high quality and fine ingredients, its open workshop produces daily modern creative recipes bearing the signature of awarded pastry chef. As a matter of fact, all the desserts have their own time of production (and get withdrawn in 24 hours, in case they have not been consumed on time) securing their utter freshness. Either a delicate tiramisu and an alternated cheesecake with superfoods or authentic macaroons as well as a classic recipe of a fluffy choux with various fillings, all out you in great temptation. An ideal meeting point early in the morning for an energy boosting breakfast or later for a light lunch break with cold salads and tasty tarts, served in a very special and innovative manner. Daily 7:00-23:00.


• Its specialty, the freshly baked and fluffy French croissant and the macaron.

• The handmade cereal bars.

• The special ice-creams made with care and pure ingredients.

• The corner with natural jams and honey of their own production.


The innovative concept “Breakfast in Athens” is served here with 9 different rich menus to choose from depending on your nutritional needs (including a vegan, a gluten free and a kids’ menu)!


21 Sina Str., Kolonaki, Athens, Τ. 210 3621866

By Titi Velopoulou, Photo Giannis Papargyris

On Sina Street a yummy world reminding of the film Amélie, going by the name Portatif (which means table lamp), has been shedding its light for three years now on the all-day busy Kolonaki with its sweet creations. The space, one of the most exquisite in the center of the city, takes us to the Montmartre bistros with its romantic style, its cozy corners, the old-fashioned crockery and homey aura. The focal point is naturally the French school sweets from the pastry chef Tassos Lytras, which are prepared in front of us in the open kitchen. So, along with Guatemala and Brazil coffee blends, delicate teas and chocolate beverages, we can enjoy six different irresistible pies and a small selection of desserts, alternating daily from chocolate pie to caramel cheesecake, as well as authentic croissants! Evenings flow at the same relaxed mood with fine wines accompanied by quiche lorraine or pizza margarita.

Daily 09:00-23:00.


The brunch every Sunday (09:00-13:00) with à la carte suggestions.

Every second Thursday it hosts piano evenings with lounge tunes (19:00-23:00).

Must taste

The banoffee pie as well as the lila pause pie.

Μust drink

The dark chocolate beverage (melted in double boiler) and the cappuccino

with orange and cinnamon.

To Serbetospito tis Nancy

1 Iroon Sq. & Karaiskaki Str., Psyrri, Athens, Τ. 210 3211323,

She has been called “the chocolate magician”, while her pastry shop in Psyrri is phenomenal! What is Nancy’s recipe of success?

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou


The first thought that comes in mine when you crave for a sweet dessert… No description as perfect as it can be, can expose the energy of this busy pastry shop with its tables placed on the Iroon Square of Psyrri. In fact, recently it expanded in the neighboring space in order to become more capable in offering its services to more people.


The inspirer, the host, the person who wins your trust with just a smile… and of course her more than 40 delicious homey recipes. Since she was a little girl she remembers herself next to her grandmother who had come from Constantinople, trying to memorize her recipes, which she kept alive in her memory since then.


Try the authentic lemonade, a recipe from Smyrna, and the sweet honeyed raki or wine (rakomelo or oinomelo)!


Dail from 09:00


Her companion in life and the soul of Nancy’s sweethome! The man who welcomes everyone with a warm smile and is always ready to assist you along with the gentle staff to find a seat at one of the tables in the square and the one who will escort you when you will be on your way with his old fashioned rose candy to take away as a sweet souvenir.


Sweets made with pure ingredients and secret recipes emerge from the workshop in pans, bowls and vases and pose as stars in the shop’s window until they land at your table, leave you no reason to resist the temptation!


Never has a sweet embodied such a warm personal story, which Nancy and Serafim share with thousands of friends and fans of their sweets, while their beautiful pastry shop has already turned into an urban “myth”.


1. She has no sweet tooth!

2. She never makes a sweet which she does not eat herself.

3. She does not like cakes.

4. Each new addition to the menu has first been tasted by the customers.

5. She only uses fresh nuts but never Aigina pistachios.

6. Her favorite ingredient is coconut.

Mini sweet guide...


1. The soufflé cake with banana and black chocolate ganache.

2. Nancy’s sweethome. A version of the sweet of love with Madagascar vanilla.

3. Tamam, a version of baklava without nuts.

4. Ravani, with cinnamon and double cream.

5. Juicy tost. Juicy cake with coconut milk and praline.

6. Apple pie… as she remembers from her grandmother!


1. The sweet of love. A delicious chocolate pie,the first dessert she learned to make when she was 13 years old!

2. Kunefe. Warm with icecream. A recipe she brought back from Xanthi.

3. Profiterole... with a twist. One of the most popular sweets has been put in a baking pan.

4. Politiko Ekmek, Nancy’s trademark.

5. Biscuit pie or the bridal dessert with the syrupy base and the biscuit cream. The sweet which was prepared by mistake for her wedding!


1. Serbetospito bueno (bomba). Crispy filled crust with bueno cream.

2. Sabah, the classic politico halva with selmoliva

3. Bueno love: The classic sweet of love with bueno cream.

4. The small fine truffles topped up with cacao are this year’s must! You will find them in different


5. Kaimak Sahara. Ice-cream with a double dose of espresso, ideal during the hot temperatures.


82 Charilaou Trikoupi Str., Exarchia, Athens, T. 210 3610092,

By Christos Aivaliotis

One of the oldest pastry shops of the capital has been in the historic region of Exarchia since 1915, thus counting 101 years of presence. The family business pioneers in the confectionary scene of the town with its quality and respect to tradition. Large variety of exceptional sweets, made with butter of their own production and fresh milk from small producers result to nostalgic tastes such as the “galaktobureko”, semolina custard in filo, new age delights with trademark chocolate products, such as the mousse and the “pontikaki” pastry, but also the delicious apple-pie.

Must try the exceptional ice-cream in various flavors, prepared from fresh cow and goat milk. Mon.- Sat. 07:00- 2:00, Sun. 08:00-15:00.

Caffe I Frati

7 Argyropoulou Str., Kifissia, Τ. 210 8088157,

Una storia… originale!

Amongst the most typical Italian corners of Kifissia, Caffe I Frati

successfully takes us on a journey through the finest hangouts of Milan.

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou

Pastry corner

Since last October I Frati, set the bar high in relation to its sweets, adding a new pastry corner, also operating autonomously as a pastry shop. Patissier Evagelos Hasiotis makes little miracles with his signature creations exclusively available here, based on the Italian philosophy and his own inspiration and prepared a la minute offering a divine experience for the senses! The innovative idea to have the chef create, explain and serve your sweet of choice is a remarkable concept, proven successful for businessman Giannis Kalogiannis and the store who were recently awarded for the level of quality and taste of the sweets! Top choices are certainly the gianduja milk chocolate with fresh mango puree and the freshly baked tart with aromas of sabayon served with artigianale gelato of your choice.


Daily 08:00-02:00


51 Artemidos Str., Glyfada, Τ. 210 8956289,

By Katerina Fotopoulou. Photos: Kostas Kapareliotis

The tastiest stop throughout the day is none other than KazArte! At a cozy and hospitable space -its garden is a great option for sunny days- we enjoy an aromatic coffee early in the morning, along with fluffy pastries and off course a rejuvenating juice to go from the vitamin bar! For those who can’t resist a sweet sin, a profiterole cream puff, a Mastic brioche or a diabolic banoffee is exactly what they need. This year, its cuisine is particularly renewed with delicious options made in the wood-oven, with an emphasis in pizza and pasta, perfect for a lunch break or after a long and tiring day at work. Daily 07:00-00:00 & delivery.


Also accepts orders for catering at events with a special menu offering a variety of delicious delicacies.

Must taste

The exceptional dishes made in the wood-oven, such as the pizza, the peinirli and the calzone or the pasta and the scallops.

I Stani

Korai Sq., Piraeus, T. 210 4174235

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

It is one of the oldest confectioneries of Piraeus and maybe of Athens as well! Actually it was in 1922 when, after the Asia Minor disaster, the grandfather of the family Stelios Kountouras, arrived with a boat as a refugee in Piraeus carrying with him as his only possession his craftsmanship in making milkbased desserts. Starting from a small store named “I Agnotis” (meaning purity) he opened in 1933 the patisserie “I Stani” (which means sheepfold) on the ground floor of Ionidios School and has been leaving his imprint. The third generation that runs the shop nowadays continues the family tradition. Yoghurts, rice puddings, cream puddings are prepared here daily using Greek milk from small producers and of course the irresistible syrupy desserts culminating in galaktomboureko, baklava with almonds, touloubes (greek-style churros) and savarins. Yogurt from sheep’s and goat’s milk, garnished with honey and walnuts, with spoon sweets made with quince or sour cherry, as well as the irresistible kaimaki ice cream and yoghurt ice cream. To all these add kataifi and ekmek prepared with recipes from Smyrna, the birthplace of the store’s founder. Last all the traditional Greek sweets like ravani, samali, karydopita as well as the classic chocolate and almond cakes. However, if your appetite craves something salty, it’s worth trying the Greek pies with country-style fyllo and the homemade snacks! Daily 06:00-02:00.


• The ice cream from fresh sheep’s milk and julep (the dodourmas) and the yoghurt ice cream, one of the best you ‘ve ever tasted!

• The patio on Korai Square where you can enjoy your coffee with your dessert any time of the day.

Bonbon & Chocolat

10 Vas. Georgiou A Str., Piraeus, Τ. 210 4222423

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

The Parisian style patisserie-chocolaterie, which has attracted attention for a decade under the roof of a neoclassical 1932 building in the center of Piraeus, may be tiny but boasts a superb range of sweet treats! Its flagship is the highest quality pralines, truffles and all sorts of chocolates hailing from Belgium, reminiscent of small works of art. A dynamic “present” is given by the great variety of creations signed by renowned confectioneries such as the legendary millefeuille of Despina, which is prepared in front of you on the spot, but also by seasonal traditional sweets and accompaniments for coffee or tea! Daily 08:00 – 01:00.


It offers delivery service so you can have the mouthwatering delicious treats at your door at any time (in Piraeus area)!

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