The greatest spots for street food in downtown Athens

The greatest spots for street food in downtown Athens

Lucumades Lukumades | 21 Eolou Str. & Aghias Irinis Str.

In the corner of Eolou & Aghias Irinis Str., you will find LUKUMADES, the shop that gave a re-birth to the most traditional Greek dessert called lukumades and fired-up lots of sweet memories!

A modern yet nostalgic atmosphere reflecting the good old days.

The common philosophy of all people at LUKUMΑΔΕΣis their love for authentic products, such as lukumades, with deep roots from Greece. For this reason we have chosen to not alter their classic traditional form, keeping the core of the old recipe, adding to the always hot and fresh lukumades some more healthy materials, most of which are being locally produced.

Having strong values and focusing on a consistently high quality, LUKUMΑΔΕΣ only usesGreek wild-flowers honey, Italian chocolate praline spread, fresh nuts and other carefully selected products.

The final outcome..? not by any chance! The shop is ranked as the No. 1 dessert shop in Athens based on Trip Advisor reviews while being on the headlights of a few globally recognised media channels (New York Times, British Airways “High Life Magazine”, and more).

Mon.-Thur. 08:00-01:00, Fri. & Sat. 08:00-03:00, Sun. 09:00-01:00.


Η πρωτοποριακή μέθοδος των «γεμιστών», οι νέες προτάσεις των αλμυρών επιλογών καθώς και οι

ιδιαίτερες γεύσεις παγωτούαπό 100% Φρέσκο Γάλα,χωρίς Λίπος, Συντηρητικά& Χρωστικές Ύλες!

The innovative method of the “injected”lukumades, the new savouryoptions as well as the gelato ice-creamflavors made by100% Fresh Milk, no Fat, Additives& Dyes!


Τον single-estate καφέ από την Κόστα Ρίκα σε συνδυασμό μετη νέα πρόταση λουκουμάδων με γέμιση κρέμας μπουγάτσας, ο απόλυτος τρόπος να ξεκινάς τη μέρα σου!

The single-estate coffee from Costa Rica coupled with lukumades filled with bugatsa cream, the perfect way to start your day!

Must taste

Τους εξαιρετικούς Κρητικούς! Αλμυροί, με γέμιση...μυζήθρα και επικάλυψη μέλι & σουσάμι.

The exceptional Cretans! Savoury, filled with...mizithra cheese and topped with honey & sesame.

Tylixto Greek wrap

19 Aiolou Str., Athens, Τ. 210 3254638

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

This is a place which strongly reminds us of an island, on the picturesque pedestrian Aiolou Street, in the center of Athens. With blue and white as dominant colours, everything in Tylixto, from its decor to its dishes support its traditional Greek character. Delicious wraps with traditional Greek pita, Arabic bread and sandwich, fresh cut fries, main dishes and fresh salads have as common denominator the excellent taste, the quality, the fresh, handmade, homemade ingredients, the Greek products and of course the special care in their preparation! Here we enjoy traditional souvlaki with homemade tomato sauce, fresh cut fried potatoes, handmade spreads, the popular Arabic bread wraps, chicken and pork gyro, as well as the fillets, which have become the best seller of the menu! Mon.-Thurs. & Sun. 12:00-01:00, Fri. & Sat. 12:00-03:00.

Must try

The in house tomato sauce and the fillets wrapped in Arabic bread!


The delivery service daily 13:00-18:00.


The Greek products used in the menu, such as yoghurt and PDO feta cheese.


37 Ippokratous Str., Athens, T. 210 3636136

By Katerina Rigou, Photos: Giannis Papargyris

KALO PSIMENO Located on the corner of Ippokratous and Navarinou str., remains for five years one of the few taverns to respect tradition. The owners and there team offer one of the best meat skewers “souvlaki” in town. The menu has all the great and classic characteristics necessary… delicious kebab, fresh gyros, bread wraps, tzatziki (with or without garlic), chicken fillet. What distinguishes it is the skewer (pork or chicken) in combination with incredible fresh French fries. Exceptional meat quality, fast service, large variety, casual atmosphere, nice and comfortable space make it stand out. Plus, great offers and deals you will find throughout the day, while you will find an indoor or outdoor seat on the pavement if you are lucky enough.... If not, you can order takeaway. Delivery service available as well. Daily 11:00-05:00.

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