Drunk Sinatra & Rehab: Making happy memories!

Drunk Sinatra & Rehab: Making happy memories!

By Katerina Rigkou

Frankie-goes-2-Rehab... in the arcade of Thisseos, the famous meeting point Drink Sinatra along with its younger “sibling” Rehab form a unique microcosm. The setting will take you to a journey through various eras and lands…

It all started on May 2012, when Frankie passed by to get a drink and so many gathered around him that they instantly formed a gigantic love gathering.

Day after day and hour after hour… the story continues as follows: the senses take over. Here you come to dance, to fall in love with the music you listen to, to feel. It’s all about the socializing, the drinks and cocktails, the joy.

All form part of a place which is not vintage but a contemporary aesthetic suggestion with carefully placed illumination and decorative items a specific era.

Next to it the cheerful Rehab, inspired by the name and the concept of the namesake song of Amy Winehouse offers a vintage atmosphere, has retro pieces, unique lights, a fish tank, colors and looks so much like Drunk Sinatra and is yet so different. In total this microcosm, is completed by the exemplary cocktail list of Alexandros Nikolopoulos.

All these and many more, are the reasons which will lead your footsteps to visit this arcade again and again. A special note has to be made for the 8 cocktails created by them with their own philosophy, innovation and inspiration which exceptional taste and color.

The list has a start, amiddle and an endpoint, offering clarity of flavors, exceptional colors, many liquors, many herbs, inspired combinations which are based not only on fantasy but also on combinations of names, descriptions and direction. Cocktails based on famed virtues from which they are bored their names, allow you to discover their story when you taste them…

Daily 10:00-04:00, Fri. & Sat. 10:00-06:00, 16 Thisseos, Syntagma, Τ. 210 3313733 FB. Drunk Sinatra,

  • Athens