Flamme Rouge

Flamme Rouge

Five years ago it became the talk of the town as one of the first cycle cafés in Athens. Soon, Flamme Rouge in Gazi was much more than a bike friendly café!

Why it is unique!

1.For its hidden urban yard that opens every summer! This year, it awaits us more... "green" and highly refreshed for hangouts under the city sky!
2. It has its own style and... perspective! As for its design it looks like it has sprung from magazine pages with old used spare parts having been turned into inspired furniture and decorations.
3. For its sophisticated products. Good coffee, great variety of beverages, and a comfort food menu all day! Very strong is its brunch (daily 9:00 - 17:30) but also healthy suggestions like handmade energy bars and detox juices! In plus the vegan choices!
4. Because in the evening, it gets a more bar-like style and offers cocktails under the sounds of rock 'n' roll, jazz and funky music!
5. Because it is bike friendly (there are places for bicycles but also a mini bike shop) and at the same time a pet friendly shop!

Daily from 09:00

Τ. 210 3473903 Flamme Rouge cycle cafe bar | 26 Triptolemou Str.