Food & fun in great funky art places!

Food & fun in great funky art places!


A great place to be!

Garden, in the Museum of Athens.

The favorite meeting point of the art loving crowd of the town, during winter keeps us company

at the Black Duck Multiplarte, while during the summer season it offers us a cool shade at its

atmospheric Garden!

By Katerina Rigou Photo Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou


www.blackduckgarden.gr | 5-7 Ioannou Paparrigopoulou Str.

Black Duck Garden, the summer “sibling” of Black Duck Multiplarte, is a unique cultural hall in the heart of the capital. This season, the all-day bar bistrot will be going through its 4th summer at

the Athens Museum, located next to the historic mansion of Dekozis Vouros. The latter, is the first

residence of Kind Otto, as well as the first organized garden of Athens, with a palm tree planted by

Queen Amalia herself. The Black Duck philosophy is evident. You can see it at its strong involvement with the art scene, at the Mediterranean dishes made by the chefs Giorgos Koklonis and Panagiotis Tzanetakos, as well as on the witty signature cocktails and the exemplary list of Greek wines, giving a new sense to our summers!

Open during the whole year from 10:00 am.


www.blackduck.gr Black Duck| 9 A Chr. Lada Str., Karitsi Sq.

It counts 9 years of operation and it has been established as one of the city’s all-time classics. The

all-day bar bistro “admires” the fine arts and the art enthusiasts Athenians admire its multiplex space, which keeps surprising us throughout the years, with its revamped artistic setting. At the walls the art pieces are protagonists and the artistic events play a key role at its gallery. Here, every moment of the day has its own style. During the mornings, its patrons chill out with the finest classic music and a renewed snack-brunch menu. During the afternoons, the Mediterranean cuisine by the chefs Giorgos Koklonis and Panagiotis Tzanetakos, with European touches and Greek local ingredients, take over. A characteristic example is its exceptional risotto with fresh herbs

or the rib eye with smashed French potatoes and truffle oil! When it comes to the evening atmosphere, if there is no live music night organized, resident DJs play music from the ’50s, swing and soul which enrich our meetings, along with a well updated Greek wine list (offering many options by the glass) and the regular signature cocktails such as the Black Duckiri! Open from October to May, Mon.-Sat. from 10:00 in the morning, Sun. from 5:00 in the afternoon.


Knows how to engage our interest with painting

exhibitions of renowned and younger artists.

During summer, it does not abandon us…

instead, welcomes us to the Black Duck

Gazi College

www.gazicollege.gr Τ. 210 8982723, 5 Grigoriou Lambraki Str., Glyfada, Athens

By Katerina Rigou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou

A delightful casual world with urban atmosphere, impresses from the first sight… Libraries, globes, large windows, shelves with retro items next to scales and blackboards. Since 2010 when the first store appeared in Gazi followed by one in Piraeus and one in Glyfada, Gazi College offers memorable moments to its guests throughout the day. Which way? The team behind this all-day eatery achieved something unique: to gather all flavors, images and music able to take you on a global journey! The love for detail and the knowhow of the field made Gazi College stand out in the all-day entertainment industry of the town. Executive chefs Michalis Faneromenos and Giorgos Printezis looked for the best recipes from each part of the planet and prepared fine dishes. The award-wining pastry chef Dimitris Makryniotis added a new dimension to desserts, while Dionysis Polatos successfully completed this experience with a rather inspired cocktail list. What is truly impressive though, is not the concept by itself but the execution of it, as everything here is handmade and prepared upon order from the burger bread (kneaded à la minute) to the aromatic dressings and the sausages slices in the big red machine! All these fresh ingredients enter the open cuisine, trademark of Gazi College, to form the excellent suggestions of the menu. In the same upscaled philosophy and the evening side of the store with its friendly atmosphere, the socializing at the bar and the upbeat entertainment! Daily 08:00-03:00.


The delicious brunch options every weekend.

Plus, a two-story parking.


GAZI COLLEGE GAZI: T.210 3422112 | 53 Persefonis Str., Gazi, Athens

GAZI COLLEGE PIRAEUS: Τ. 210 4100612 |117 Grigoriou Lambraki Str., Piraeus


78 Kastoros str., Piraeus, T. 210 4082700-02, www.piree.gr

A year after Piree, the... vision that changed the artistic happening in Piraeus, is waiting for us even more mature to introduce us to a new interactive reality.

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Maria Chatziioanidou

A year ago, the district of Aghios Dionysios, in Piraeus’ s old lamarinadika, welcomed Piree. Behind it is the interior designer Kosmas Karavas (Lab 71), who “transformed” one of the abandoned warehouses of the area into a 400 sq. m. complex. Indeed, thanks to the upcycle technique, it retained the original industrial elements of the building, highlighting the visible concrete, iron and stone elements.


A sneak peek through the “rusty” garage door, is like travelling to alternative art galleries in Berlin or Brooklyn while at the same time the indoor planting, combined with natural lighting and fountains, refer to a... secret garden. As for the decoration, this year it moves into a more theatrale style. The stone walls are “dressed” with heavy red velvet curtains, chandeliers highlight the “naked” industrial aesthetics, while the interest is monopolised by the 6 meter of length monastery table that dominates the center and can accommodate up to 24 people!


Here the contact with Art does not have the distant logic of a gallery. Piree gives the chance of free expression not only to prominent but also up-andcoming artists who experiment with all forms of Art (design, architecture, visual arts, dance, theater, photography, music). Their criterion for their work is to be subversive, innovative and to promote new trends...


Coming here, you can “flirt” with a design object or a painting, while enjoying good coffee, tasting a light menu (from special salads and bruschetta to tarts and pizza) or a fine platter of cheese/cold meat with a glass of wine or one of the unforgettable cocktails, when at the same time next door there is a visual... intervention or a live performance!


In addition to the evening, we now have every reason to visit it during the day to taste a delicious brunch menu with suggestions like poached eggs and intriguing sandwiches. Daily until 18:00.


Especially in the evening with the atmospheric lighting, you get into a more romantic mood, while the open roof puts you in live… broadcast with the starry Attic sky. A unique experience!


Here nothing happened by chance... The juices are Verve, the drinks Anassa, while the wine list is signed by the master of wine Konstantinos Lazarakis, giving plenty of space to Greek and foreign producers.


This is a separate chapter as well. Because here you can listen from Chatzidakis to Pink Floyd and from Maria Callas to Serge Gainsbourg...


As for the initial vision of Kosmas to convert as soon as possible neighboring streets into a design & art meeting point with satellite-buildings and parallel events (from exhibitions, fashion shows to festivals and corporate events), it seems to be implemented starting September, with the regeneration of another former abandoned tobacco warehouse. Stay tuned...


Tue.- Fri. 14:00-02:00,

Sat. & Sun. 11:00-02:00

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