Best all day bar restaurant in Athens

Best all day bar restaurant in Athens

Caffe I Frati

7 Argyropoulou Str., Kifissia, Τ. 210 8088157, www.caffeifrati.gr

Una storia… originale!

Amongst the most typical Italian corners of Kifissia, Caffe I Frati

successfully takes us on a journey through the finest hangouts of Milan.

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou


Four years ago, this green arcade welcomed an extraordinary hangout. Nowadays, it has turned into one of the most upcoming piazzas and reference point in Kifissia! Restless spirit, businessman Giannis Kalogiannis, despite the condition of the economy, does not seize to come up with new surprises, proving that nothing in Caffe I Frati happened by chance.

All day experience

The day starts early with high quality Pasqualin espresso and traditional flavors from an Italian breakfast with panini, brioches, as well as recipes such as the strata al forno (eggs cooked in the oven) and various versions of frittatas (omelets), while in the evening it dresses up to invite us in an atmospheric space for a romantic dinner.

Don’t miss

• The authentic aperitivo of Milan accompanied with delicious Italian delicacies. Mon.-Fri. 18:00-21:00.

• The wine presentations from various vineyards every Thursday after 21:00.


Lately an extension was made. In an equally elegant space, the non smokers can experience an authentic I Fratti moment with a natural decor reminiscent of the genuine boutique-salumerias of Milan. At the same time, a luxurious delicatessen is in operation, constantly enriched providing the opportunity to the gourmet lovers to take home or purchase as present the finest sausage and cheese products of Italy, Spain, France and of course Greece. Handmade pasta, salted and fishprocessed products, amongst which you will find freshly cut salmon from Scotland or Norway, trout, roe and caviar. On its shelves, besides all sorts of ingredients for side dishes (crisps, chutney, truffle oil), there is also a wine list of rare labels from the global vineyard (offered also by the glass) and premium spirits. Plus, high end delicacies on demand. Tip: After 21:00 the space is available, on request, for private dining or wine-tasting events.

Food menu

The renewed menu which brings along stronger aromas of the neighboring country is curated by award-winning chef Vassilis Kafaloukos, Apart from his suggestions for the morning, the card proudly presents hearty salads, delicious risotto and handmade pies able to satisfy the most demanding palates! Here you can taste typical traditional Italian recipes such as nodini (mozzarella braid) from the mozzarella bar, vitello tomato, carpaccio or a delicious taliata. Newest entries of the menu, the stuffato di polpo (octopus stew) and the sardines and anchovies marinade.


3 Kapnikareas Str. Athens, T: 210 3232060, www.collageathens.com

Your classic choice...

The cosmopolitan and arty environment, the delicious food and a cocktail bar full of surprises have established collage and its exhibition hall, the loft, as one of the trendiest spots of the Athenian center, perfectly mixing together socializing with art and fine dining with premium bartending!

By Κaterina Rigou, Photo: Kostas Kapareliotis

Collage restaurant-bar-café is an all day spot and much more than that! At the historic center, in the paved street between Ermou and Mitropoleos streets, next to Kapnikarea church, blends socializing with art in the preserved two-storey building were it is housed, creating a unique collage of notes and senses of a modern capital city with a centuries long history. Since its launch in 2013, Collage has managed to stand out and become one of the favorite hangouts in town. Its high ceiling and large space is characterized by an imposing bar, by the tables and stands and by its exceptional design of industrial aesthetic combined with wooden touches, which creates a hospitable, sophisticated environment. The first floor, The Loft, operates as an exhibition hall, frequently hosting exhibitions and various artistic events such as corporate events, being vibrant and lively all day long. The day starts early with hot drinks and coffee blends produced by Taf exclusively for the Collage. Lunch and dinner is served at the specially designed restaurant area, selecting from a variety of delicious options. The menu is being constantly updated in order to offer international flavors with the starting point being the Mediterranean cuisine. The risotto of smoked eggplant with goat cheese and truffle oil, the authentic Italian pizza with thin crust (excellent choice being the mamma pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, posciutto crudo and mushrooms), the paella kind of orzotto with mussels, the shrimp and sausage chorizo, the salmon in Asian marinade and the valrhona milk chocolate ganache with passion fruit are some of our top choices, while various vegan alternatives have also been added. Equally dynamic and creative are options offered by the bar, where in the evening we enjoy signature cocktails and drinks from a selection of 170 international labels under the sounds of bossa nova, lounge, funk, classic ’90s, rock and blues following one another depending on the mood and time of the day! Extra: On the upper floor, The Loft is the ideal place to host your corporate and private events, to organize seminars, workshops, press conferences, product presentations, diners & parties.


The Downtown Afternoons. Based on the concept of the Italian aperitivo, offer a great alternative to those who want to enjoy a drink after work, after a walk or after a shopping stroll in the city center. The experienced staff of Collage will prepare for you cocktails, which you may enjoy with only €5 (Mon.-Fri. 17:30-20:00). More specifically, six signature cocktails will be offered bearing the signature of Limoncello Di Capri such as Di Capri Spitz and Di Capri Strawberry. The cocktails can be perfectly ccompanied by a complimentary buffet of fine Mediterranean flavors such as pasta, bruchetta, pizza, sausage and cheese plates and much more.


9 Aghios Dimitrios Str., Kifissia, Τ. 210 6230063

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou

Since last May when Zambri opened its doors in one of the most impressive mansions of Kifissia, it achieved not only to become the talk of the town, but also to bring along an exotic fresh air in the northern suburbs. Indeed, the setting of its yard with wooden pergolas, illuminated constructions made of bamboos –inspired by the baobab trees of Madagascar– as well as cactuses create a paradisiac atmosphere. As for its interior, vintage tiles, use of worn wood, tapestries with paradisiac birds, exotic plants, hanging gardens… all prove that the one-year old Zambri is not just another all- ay hangout, but a 900 sq. m. colony (which is also the meaning of its name in the language of the Maori tribe), promising a different experience!


The day at Zambri starts with high end espresso, detox juices and beverages, as well as a rich brunch menu with exceptional omelets, fried eggs, homemade chicken-pie, pancakes andsandwiches (until 19:00), while at noon it becomes the perfect option for a light lunch or an aftershopping break. Its updated easygoing menu is oriented towards a creative style with inspired dishes bearing international touches. Equally updated is also its cocktail list with extraordinary exotic suggestions, enjoyed under the sounds of lounge, jazz and mainstream music options. Daily from 09:00-as late as it gets (the kitchen until 01:00).


• The brand new open air bar in the flowery garden.

• The successful happenings and the regularly organized special nights.

Menu special

• The golden trumpet (risotto with wild mushrooms).

• The turkey patty.

• The sautéed sea bass with black rise and lobster sauce.

• One of the handmade desserts, amongst which the profiterole Zambri Tower (for 4 persons) is highly best-selling.

Pastry corner

Since last October I Frati, set the bar high in relation to its sweets, adding a new pastry corner, also operating autonomously as a pastry shop. Patissier Evagelos Hasiotis makes little miracles with his signature creations exclusively available here, based on the Italian philosophy and his own inspiration and prepared a la minute offering a divine experience for the senses! The innovative idea to have the chef create, explain and serve your sweet of choice is a remarkable concept, proven successful for businessman Giannis Kalogiannis and the store who were recently awarded for the level of quality and taste of the sweets! Top choices are certainly the gianduja milk chocolate with fresh mango puree and the freshly baked tart with aromas of sabayon served with artigianale gelato of your choice.

Wine list

A well updated wine list with about 60 labels presented by sommelier Sokratis Ioanidis, makes sure that the wine lovers will find famed representatives of the Greek, Italian and French vineyard and will discover rare labels from hard-to-find producers. Enjoy the wine of your choice along with a large variety of gourmet side dishes.


Daily 08:00-02:00


1-3 Argyropoulou Str., Kifissia, Τ. 210 8080801

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou

In the heart of Kifissia, Arch has become an all-day meeting point over the past 4 years, welcoming us from early in the morning until late in the evening, reserving unique culinary temptations for us!


Dominant minimal design of high aesthetic with characteristic arches, metropolitan air and cosmopolitan aura. As for its garden, prides itself for the view of the commercial piazza.


Gives you every reason to arrive here from early in the morning for a hearty energy boosting breakfast (from omelets and pancakes to bagels and brioches), healthy beverages and smoothies (must-taste the green balance) and excellent speciality coffee. Highlight: The hearty brunch every Sunday with original recipes (11:00-18:00 during winter months).


Renewed towards a healthier orientation, intensely presenting the aromas of the Mediterranean cuisine, cold touches, best for a full or light lunch as well as an after-shopping early dinner or a full course dinner, satisfying the most demanding palates. From its new card, by the chef Spyros Georgopoulos, we distinguish the rib eye steak and the roasted salmon with banana chutney. Better make a reservation during peak hours.


From early in the afternoon we are focused around its bar with an upgraded cellar with premium labels and a renewed cocktail list, by the bartender Spyros Davios, which succeeds the harmonious pairing with your dinner. Greek spirits and fresh fruits coexist in the ultimate summer outcome. The fans of mastic will enjoy the Dorian Grey or The Delicious Violet.


• A non smoking room.

• Available also for business



Daily 8:00-01:30, Fri. & Sat. 8:00-02:30

Gazi College

www.gazicollege.gr Τ. 210 8982723, 5 Grigoriou Lambraki Str., Glyfada, Athens

By Katerina Rigou, Photos: Christos Triantafillou

A delightful casual world with urban atmosphere, impresses from the first sight… Libraries, globes, large windows, shelves with retro items next to scales and blackboards. Since 2010 when the first store appeared in Gazi followed by one in Piraeus and one in Glyfada, Gazi College offers memorable moments to its guests throughout the day. Which way? The team behind this all-day eatery achieved something unique: to gather all flavors, images and music able to take you on a global journey! The love for detail and the knowhow of the field made Gazi College stand out in the all-day entertainment industry of the town. Executive chefs Michalis Faneromenos and Giorgos Printezis looked for the best recipes from each part of the planet and prepared fine dishes. The award-wining pastry chef Dimitris Makryniotis added a new dimension to desserts, while Dionysis Polatos successfully completed this experience with a rather inspired cocktail list. What is truly impressive though, is not the concept by itself but the execution of it, as everything here is handmade and prepared upon order from the burger bread (kneaded à la minute) to the aromatic dressings and the sausages slices in the big red machine! All these fresh ingredients enter the open cuisine, trademark of Gazi College, to form the excellent suggestions of the menu. In the same upscaled philosophy and the evening side of the store with its friendly atmosphere, the socializing at the bar and the upbeat entertainment! Daily 08:00-03:00.


The delicious brunch options every weekend.

Plus, a two-story parking.


GAZI COLLEGE GAZI: T.210 3422112 | 53 Persefonis Str., Gazi, Athens

GAZI COLLEGE PIRAEUS: Τ. 210 4100612 |117 Grigoriou Lambraki Str., Piraeus

L’ atelier Βar

12, Avramiotou Str., Monastiraki, Athens, Μ. 6992 117266

By Christos Aivaliotis, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

This new entry, launched on March within the Athens city buzz at one of the most urban alleys of the town. An atmospheric space attacks the patrons with its vintage aesthetic and bohemian touches, its comfy baroque armchairs and its stone walls with hidden lighting. Attention! Don’t be misguided by the word bar in the sign, because the L’ Atelier encompasses the allday philosophy and there is no better proof of this than its à la carte menu with breakfasts, aromatic coffees and healthy beverages, followed by a well attained cuisine with Italian influences and international additions (must taste the plethoric pasta). As for the evenings? Its updated cellar in combination with the ’70s-’80s music with special preference to swing music create amazing evenings. Daily 8:00-03:00.


• The cocktail list bearing the signature of the expert Iakovos Vidalis.

• The location, hidden so close but so far from the city noise.


A great place to be!

Garden, in the Museum of Athens.

The favorite meeting point of the art loving crowd of the town, during winter keeps us company

at the Black Duck Multiplarte, while during the summer season it offers us a cool shade at its

atmospheric Garden!

By Katerina Rigou Photo Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou


www.blackduckgarden.gr | 5-7 Ioannou Paparrigopoulou Str.

Black Duck Garden, the summer “sibling” of Black Duck Multiplarte, is a unique cultural hall in the heart of the capital. This season, the all-day bar bistrot will be going through its 4th summer at

the Athens Museum, located next to the historic mansion of Dekozis Vouros. The latter, is the first

residence of Kind Otto, as well as the first organized garden of Athens, with a palm tree planted by

Queen Amalia herself. The Black Duck philosophy is evident. You can see it at its strong involvement with the art scene, at the Mediterranean dishes made by the chefs Giorgos Koklonis and Panagiotis Tzanetakos, as well as on the witty signature cocktails and the exemplary list of Greek wines, giving a new sense to our summers!

Open during the whole year from 10:00 am.


www.blackduck.gr Black Duck| 9 A Chr. Lada Str., Karitsi Sq.

It counts 9 years of operation and it has been established as one of the city’s all-time classics. The

all-day bar bistro “admires” the fine arts and the art enthusiasts Athenians admire its multiplex space, which keeps surprising us throughout the years, with its revamped artistic setting. At the walls the art pieces are protagonists and the artistic events play a key role at its gallery. Here, every moment of the day has its own style. During the mornings, its patrons chill out with the finest classic music and a renewed snack-brunch menu. During the afternoons, the Mediterranean cuisine by the chefs Giorgos Koklonis and Panagiotis Tzanetakos, with European touches and Greek local ingredients, take over. A characteristic example is its exceptional risotto with fresh herbs

or the rib eye with smashed French potatoes and truffle oil! When it comes to the evening atmosphere, if there is no live music night organized, resident DJs play music from the ’50s, swing and soul which enrich our meetings, along with a well updated Greek wine list (offering many options by the glass) and the regular signature cocktails such as the Black Duckiri! Open from October to May, Mon.-Sat. from 10:00 in the morning, Sun. from 5:00 in the afternoon.


Knows how to engage our interest with painting

exhibitions of renowned and younger artists.

During summer, it does not abandon us…

instead, welcomes us to the Black Duck


A team’s SUCCESS!

Our favorite Bartesera welcomes us inside Praxitelous Arcade, renewed, proving that you can

take success for granted when you do team work and you have clear orientation!

By Katerina Rigou, Photo Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Bartesera is one of the first bars to open in the city center, one of the first multipurpose art centers and one of the first which turned Kolokotroni Street into a gathering spot. A hospitable all day venue, with unique character through premium services, arty attitude and extraordinary decoration. Maintains its strong presence within Praxitelous Arcade for 12 years now but it continues to develop further and remains innovative and reintroduces itself to us in relation to its profile, its bar and its food. The revamped setting constitutes a direct proof of this, as well as the addition of the bar in the outdoor garden, the changes in the lighting, the plants, the warm colors, the wood and the slide opening glazed roof… the cozy space for private moments, socializing on the background of an urban exotica scenery, which takes you on a journey although in the heart of the city! Beside these, its success is based are the personalized services and its team. Its owners, themselves active and the powerful cooperation they have built with experts, place the Bartesera on top. Mikaela Tsikoudaki, the barista takes care of coffee using fine choices such as speciality blends, while the bar management and the updated seasonal cocktail list with 12 choices (with urban exotica being its trademark, as perfect gin tonic) rely on Alexandros Dontas. Dontas is also responsible for the aperitivo list offering 8 options to those who want to enjoy a fantastic early cocktail or choose a drink from the bar which is more than updated and hip. Moreover, the refined eclectic culinary suggestions of the menu curated by the talented chef Chrysa Koutsampasoglou could not be missing from their services. Its updated card, mainly based on fine Greek ingredients, is oriented towards the Mediterranean cuisine. We strongly recommend the delicious Italy style pizza, the bruschettas, the sausage and cheese platters and the sweets.On top of these, there is the music… travelling us through the world! Its urban exotic aesthetic is completed by a befitting music varying from mainstream sounds to electronic, funky and jazz sounds, which consist the top choices of Djs!


25 Kolokotroni Str., Athens, Daily 10:00-02:00/Thurs. until 03:00 | Fri. & Sat. until 04:00

PERE UBU_ Destination Spot

A match made in heaven...

An upper class all day concept, a modern design,

unique gastronomic challenges, innovative cocktails, hip music options

and a fun attitude compose the experience under the name Pere Ubu!

By Katerina Fotopoulou Photos: Kostas Kapareliotis

We fit so well together” is their motto and we can see why, because the Pere Bar & Rotisserie and the Ubu Pure Food are the ultimate all day experience of the southern suburbs and beyond. Starting 11 years ago, the Pere Ubu restaurant-bar managed to become the ultimate destination spot and to make Cyprus Street a trendy spot of Glyfada. A space of extraordinary design offering hospitality of European standards, became the talk of the town in Athens for its easy-going philosophy, its upscale menu, its exceptional cocktails and its famous parties. A few years ago, it was fully revamped, it was transformed into the Pere Bar & Rotisserie and, further, introduced to us its “sibling” the Ubu Pure Food, a fresh new concept emphasizing on organic bio & healthy nutrition, hence, creating a 360° experience! The day begins in its sunny and blooming yard with speciality coffees, beverages and great choices for breakfast or brunch. At noon, we make a stop here to taste the amazing delicacies from a menu-ode to comfort food and a vegetable forward philosophy bearing the signature of the renowned chef Kostas Tsigkas, while in the afternoon we chill out for after-work cocktails from an updated list of signature choices by awarded bartenders. As the evening arrives, fun takes over with hip music by resident and guest DJs while the will for socializing overcomes the lively crowd. If you wonder whether these two opposing concepts can complement each other, the answer is that the people of Pere Ubu achieve this rather easily and have in fact succeeded to create trends and to become the ultimate spot throughout the day! Daily 08:00-as late as it gets (the kitchen until 01:00, brunch until 18:00).


The carefully selected ingredients by Greek

and foreign producers which compose the


The emphasis on detail and the fashion forward

design of the space.

The pet friendly philosophy.

• The exceptional service.

MUST TASTE The homemade flatbreads in different tasty combinations, cooked in the stone-oven, the gourmet burgers as well as the specials of the day!

DON’T MISS The reputed themed parties every Sunday evening hosting known DJs of the town!

TIPS The people behind Pere Ubu are known for their know-how and their flexibility in tailor made events, corporate events and private parties at the Pere Private Lounge. You should better make an online reservation

at the www.pereubu.gr


74 Cyprus Str., Glyfada, Athens, Τ. 210 8941450, www.pereubu.gr

Μinnie The Moocher

6 Tsakalof Str., Kolonaki, Athens, Τ. 210 3641686

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou


An authentic classic all day bar writing its own history in the most vibrant piazza of Athens!

1.The name

Is inspired by the famous song “Minnie the Moocher” by Cab Calloway which sold

1.000.000 records!

2.The decoration

Geometric tiles, stucco ceilings, carpets, black marbles, golden frames

and mysterious lighting, bearing the signature of architect, Giannis Karvoutzis,

who is also the owner, comprose a "conspiratorial" setting reminiscent of a New York arcade.

3.The identity

Although located on the mainstream Tsakalof walkway, it manages to remain classic.

4.The atmosphere

Both its aesthetics as well as the carefully selected outfits of its staff take us on a journey through the Interwar period and the prohibition era (1931), when the consumption of alcohol was… illegal.

5.The music

Here you will listen to hip versions and rare covers of jazz, swing, soul and classic rock songs… which awaken memories of the past!

6.The private space

Its private space is ideal for parties with up to 30 guests!

7.The food

Its small menu card is oriented towards a finger food philosophy. The Italian thin crust pizza and

the spicy beef burritos are its specialties. Plus, daily surprise dishes. Tip: On winter Sundays

don’t miss its exceptional brunch accompanied with live music.


On special occasions... Themed and extremely

successful parties gather all the business and arty crowd of the city.

9.The cocktails

Despite not describing itself as a cocktail bar, it offers classic recipes as well as signature options named after lyrics of Cab Calloway.

10.The cellar

One of the most updated cellars in Athens with premium

drinks and value for money prices, served in vintage glasses,

all carefully selected from Athenian antique shops.


Daily 11:00-03:00 (12:00-00:00 the kitchen)


8-10 2nd Merarchias Str., Piraeus, Τ. 210 4116505

Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Speaking of emblematic all day bar-restaurants of Athens, we are obliged to mention the Beluga, which continues for a second year to leave its mark in the hot piazza of the port! With a name inspired by premium products (such as the known vodka and the caviar) and a benchmark location (where the erotic cinema Fos used to be housed), Beluga has to show one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Art deco style, soft lighting, red tones, antiques combined with modern industrial elements, geometric sculptures with reference to the artist Mondrian, an indoor balcony with the neon sign “Hotel” where suddenly a girl playing a harlot appears, compose a nostalgic cabaret setting bearing the signature of the renowned designer Nikos Skopelitis. Set in the background of its atmospheric bar and its private dining corners which are placed on the glass floor “protecting” the antiquities dating back to 435 BCE (which consist the foundations of the 5th arcade of Piraeus), the elite shipping, business, political and artistic crowd enjoys exceptional coffee blends in the morning, plethoric brunches and creative Mediterranean cuisine by chef Stratos Koulelis during lunchtime. Great options the rib eye, the fresh fish and sushi. In the afternoon, the after office parties (daily from 17:00) uplift the mood, while in the evening the coveted bar offers an excellent cocktail list, rare wine and premium international drinks. All these are the reason why Beluga offers a unique experience throughout the day. Daily 09:00-04:00.


The reservations, especially for dining.


• The high end service (including a variety of rare cigars).

• The live concerts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (after 21:00) with hip jazz, swing and rock ‘n’ roll music.

• The Greek party every Sunday (after 19:00) with Dimitris Alexandrou, Giorgos Manikas, Kostas Sideratos, which cause panic to the young crowd.

• This year it also functions as a member club.

If you are lucky, you will get to see some magic by Giannis Bozovitz behind the bar!

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