The hidden gems in Athens you should try (by the locals)

The hidden gems in Athens you should try (by the locals)

The Trap

10 Othonos Str., Syntagma, Athens, Τ. 210 3215561, www.thetrap.gr


At privileged location in an arcade hidden downtown, The Trap is an American style bar-French bistro aiming to “trap” us in its 55 sq.m. and amaze us with its classy freshness.

1. The atmospheric arcade, a few steps away from Syntagma square ideal for business meetings and discreet dates.

2. The incomparable aesthetic with a retro setting resembling Parisian bistro. Center of attention undoubtedly becomes the impressive bronze bar and the drawn plaster ceilings.

3. The outdoor space within the arcade is a mystique oasis in the heart of Athens, away from the city buzz, ideal for relaxing all-year round.

4. The delicate and healthy beverages, from warm with coconut to cold tea with ginger.

5. The international-oriented menu favoring the refined Greek ingredients offering vegan options, perfect for a light lunch break or a casual dinner.

6. The Sunday brunch (13:00-19:00) which we enjoy while listening to live music from bands (16:00- 20:00).

7. The funky, jazz, soul and disco house music choices of the Djs keep us here until late.

8. The special happenings often hosted here such as street food parties, wine and oyster nights and music events with guest bartenders from various parts of the world.

9. The expert team headed by the awardwinning bartender Giannis Samaras guarantees high quality service and irresistible cocktails.

10. Its motto which says it all: “A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge!”


Daily 09:00-02:00, Fri. & Sat. until 03:00

Upupa Epops

7 Αlkminis Str. & Theanous Str., Kato Petralona, Athens, Τ. 212 1055214

Via it Athens learned the meaning of Upupa Epops (scientific term for the hoopoe, a migrating bird, the sight of which is considered to be a sign of the beginning of spring season). In a neighborhood which still has a jasmine smell and aromas of citrus trees, behind the Pavlidis factory in Kato Petralona, a complex of abandoned houses of the 1930 has been transformed into an all-day hangout two years ago, brand new but maintaining evident the mark of time. Three friends: Marfi, Renos and Petros are the masterminds. It took them two years to complete a space so unique which looks like it has emerged from a movie and so beloved from its regulars! On the one side the lovely bar has a solid presence in a vibrant atmosphere, on the other side is the lounge space resembling a living room with vintage furniture picked out from antique shops and in the middle a remarkable old Athenian garden in open dialogue with the Athenian sky. Depending on your seating place, various pictures will come to mind from Morocco, Havana, Paris. Artistic touches, warm colors, vintage tiles, jazz, soul and funk music provide an instant sense of familiarity. In addition to the atmospheric space, nothing happened by chance at Upupa Epops. The coffee is a Kudu speciality blend, the tea and the chocolate are of premium class, the brunch and bar food menu bears the signature of Kostas Tsigkas, not to mention Marfi Bali’s long experience from famed Athenian bars, evident in the bar. Hence, here, apart from a serious cellar with rare whiskeys, unique gins, rum and many other distillates you will also try a very intriguing cocktail list, from classics with their own twist to signature recipes offering original tasting experiences. Daily 10:00-02:00 & weekends 10:00-03:00


• The hearty brunch menu with extraordinary suggestions (daily 10:00-18:00).

• The popular pizzette with fresh dough!

• The Amnesia cocktail and the Spritz made according to their own recipe come first amongst the preferences.


• The beautiful flowery garden has been inaugurated less than a month ago.



The B Group team implements an innovative exclusive delivery service of personalized breakfast

at your space. A new day full of energy and positive attitude has just started….

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Breakfast, besides from the most important meal of the day, is also one of the services offered from a hotel and, even if not included in the price, it becomes a point of reference for the level of satisfaction of its guests and, in extension, for the rating it will receive. After all, even those who do not have a habit of taking breakfast every morning, when travelling for business or pleasure, tend to consider it a nice moment, a first “acquaintance” with the city they are visiting. B Group realized this need, in combination with the trend of airbnb, and decided to inaugurate a new concept since last February, upgrading the “ritual” of breakfasting into a whole new level… The Breakfast in Athens consists of 9 fulfilling menus based on different nutritional needs. Apart from the Basic, the English and the Greek breakfast style there is also a range of vegan, gluten free, highprotein breakfast and kids’ menu. Inspired from the Greek gastronomic tradition, the menus offer high quality options prepared with ingredients from small farms. The pies are homemade, the croissants are handmade, the bread is freshly bake, the cakes are fluffy, the cereal bars are prepared with pure ingredients, the eggs are organic, while the honey and jam comes from their own production. Initially, this concept was designed for hotels, apartments for rent and airbnb which either did not have breakfast facilities or desired to provide an upgraded service to their customers, whilst allowing them to choose the menu. Besides that, the Breakfast in Athens is a service also available to people who want to enjoy a healthy and delicious first meal at home, at the office or during a walk in the city center. Hence, all those who seek a reason for a lovely start of their day.


• Our menu is already available in some select hotels and apartments, with which Breakfast in Athens has established cooperation.

• They only thing you need to do is to order a day prior to the delivery date your desired menu at the reception or directly from your airbnb location and the B Group will deliver it in a special box!

• If you wish to taste it first, try the menu prepared exclusively for you from the patisserie B Madame in the city center! (€10)


Valaoritou Str., Kolonaki, Athens, Τ. 210 3390022, www.bgroup.gr

Flamme Rouge

26 Triptolemou Str., Gazi, Athens, T. 210 3473903

Made its first appearance in Gazi 4 years ago and became the talk of the town as one of the first cycle cafés in Athens. Soon, Flamme Rouge proved it was much more than a bike friendly café!

By Titi Velopoulou, Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou


Stylish and with a "viewpoint" as if it has emerged from the pages of a design magazine.... Old used parts, such as wheels, pedals, handlebars and saddles have been transformed into inspired lamps, stools, handles and decorative elements.


Even those who have no relation with... the sport, come here from early in the morning to enjoy a fine Taf varietal coffee, homemade lemonade, unique beverages as well as its comfort menu (the pizza with handmade crust, the quinoa salad and the truffle burger are considered a must), while in the evening it turns into a bar.


Apart from the classics, it also recommends special signature cocktails with homemade recipes. Best seller being the homemade sangria (offered also in white... version).


Sweet and savory delicacies are served daily (09:00-00:00) in exceptional prices (from “strapatsada”, which is eggs with tomato sauce, up to pancakes).


A large variety of detox juices with superfoods, organic tea, power drinks and homemade energy bars are available. Try the new product with fish amino acids for natural restoration!


International tunes with a large variety from rock ‘n’ roll, jazz to funky. Successful events with famous guest Djs.


Besides bikers, it has also become the favorite hangout of actors and artists.


Its hidden urban yard with comfy colorful pillows and hammocks, ideal for dreaming under the starry sky! Daily from 09:00.

We also like it for...

• The cycling seminars.

• The parking for bicycles.

• The vegan options.

• The mini bike shop for a quick... refill in case of emergency.

• The pet friendly policy.

• The student discounts.

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